BAUER Poseidon PE100-TE


3,5 cfm, upto 330 bar / 4700 psig, 3-stages, air cooled, portable

Compressor block
with micronic type suction filter, intercoolers, aftercooler, interstage separator after 2nd stage, interpressure safety valves;
compressor block and motor mounted on common base frame;
v-belt driven; gasoline driven models with telescopic tube;
PE100-TE: motor protection switch against additional price (see overleaf).
Filter system P11
consisting of: TRIPLEX® –Filter with TRIPLEX® longlife cartridge, pressure maintaining/non-return valve
and final safety valve.
Filling assembly
for 225 bar, consisting of:          1 filling hose, length 1m
1 filling valve PN 200 bar / 3200 psig with automatic vent,
   for tank connection 5/8“ BSP, DIN EN 144-2
                                                                                1 pressure gauge (mounted on filling valve), 1 international filling yoke
for 330 bar, consisting of:            1 filling hose, length 1m
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